Everything you need to know about Quickbooks Enterprise 2021

Quickbooks Enterprise is a new version of Quickbook software that covers all the bases. It features solutions for accounting, pricing, inventory, and payroll. The features and cost may be out of range for truly small businesses. But it’s perfect for larger businesses that can put the full weight of QuickBooks Enterprise’s advanced capabilities to work.

Quickbooks Enterprise offers an advanced pricing module with even more functionality than the Premium version. This module allows price levels based on items, customers, classes, sales reps and more.

How does Quickbooks Enterprise work?

Quickbooks Enterprise is primarily a desktop-based accounting and financial management software. It handles everything from invoicing to payroll and inventory management. One can have 40 licensed users on one account and track up to 1 million items, vendors, customers, and employees. QuickBooks Enterprise’s new edition can be installed locally but does need to meet certain technical specifications. The system requirements are Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.  

Benefits of Quickbooks Enterprise

Robust suite of features 

Quickbooks Enterprise doesn’t skimp on features. It can automate pricing, track order fulfillment, and run payroll using just one solution. The entry-level version also has more than 200 customizable reports. You can dig into everything from cash flow to item profitability and even inventory evaluation.

Industry-specific setup

Quickbook also has a version tailored to specific industries. These industries include manufacturing, construction, wholesale and distribution, nonprofit, retail, professional services, and accountants. Also, each version offers reports specific to that industry.

Priority customer services

Quickbooks Enterprise accounts packages include Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Quickbooks also offers a priority circle service. It unlocks a dedicated account team and on-demand training. It also includes a direct line to technical support 24/7.

Everything you need to know about Quickbooks Enterprise 2021

Unique advantages of Quickbooks Enterprise

Quickbooks Enterprise boasts more features than any other version of Quickbooks and is Intuit’s ”mid-market” offering. While it does cost more than Quickbooks online or desktop.

There are a number of unique benefits that more than make up for the extra cost of the software. Below are 9 key advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise that make the higher price point well worth it. 

Job Costing

Job costing is one of the number one reasons people upgrade from Quickbooks Pro to Quickbooks Enterprise.

Quickbook Enterprise natively allows you to create estimates, track time and expense against the estimate, and run job costing reports. No setup is required to determine the profitability of each job. Accurate estimation is crucial for all types of businesses. And so robust job costing capabilities are game-changers for those switching to the software.

Easier Backups

When you sign up for a Quickbooks Enterprise subscription, you also get a one-year subscription to an online vault. You can use this vault to back up your data. With 10GB of storage; The Vault helps keep your Quickbook reports safe and for no additional cost.

Long Term Support

A Quickbooks Enterprise subscription opens access to free tech support for the accounting software for one year at no cost. While the pro software has this option too.

Support is only available for a single month. If you are just switching over to the accounting software, you will need support for longer than a month. Additionally, technical support available to enterprise users is provided through the intuit priority circle. Staffed only by senior reps, it provides quality support service.

Training and Educational Material

When you purchase Quickbooks Enterprise, the software comes with online training tools that are provided free of charge. You don’t get these useful materials when you use the premier or pro version of the software.

Licenses to Other Applications

Quickbooks Enterprise is a bundle of bookkeeping software that comes with native integration to many other applications as well.

More User Capacity

Quickbooks Enterprise allows availability for up to 30  users on the company file and allows you to run more than one company file. This can be incredibly useful if you plan on expanding your business into multiple branches over time.

Larger File Processing 

One of the biggest advantages of the enterprise version is the processing power bundle with it. Company data vary in size and the pro version is only able to process files of about 200MB in size. With enterprise, you can process files that have up to gigabytes of data in them.

Remote Access Feature

Windows terminal service is a network service that comes with the standard Windows operating system for business computers. If you use terminal services with enterprise, you gain access to the system for locations outside the installation location.

Better Permission Management

Permission is a huge issue for many companies. You must be able to limit user access based on their security level. With enterprise, a new set of user accounts security tools is also added. These tools make it far easier to assign permission and privileges throughout the system.


Quickbooks Enterprise is a single application that caters to all your diverse business needs. It provides excellent efficiency and productivity to your business, allowing it to grow at a rapid pace. Quickbooks Enterprise is primarily a desktop-based accounting and financial management software. It handles everything from invoicing to payroll and inventory management.

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