disposable personal income
Disposable Personal Income (DPI)

The financial metric known as disposable income gives you an idea of how much money is left over after taxes. Additionally, it’s a crucial performance metric for assessing how successfully you’ve saved for present and future requirements and wants, such

Different types of bond
Different types of bond

Table of Contents Bond meaning Bond is a debt security in which the borrower issues bonds to raise money from the investors willing to lend them money for a certain period. In other words, a bond is a formal investment

non-marketable securities
Non-Marketable Securities

A financial instrument known as security is any financial asset that can be traded. Securities are classified as marketable and non-marketable securities. This article will teach you about non-marketable securities, their features, examples, advantages, and disadvantages. Table of Contents What are Non-Marketable

return on investment (ROI)
Understanding Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a key metric for measuring a company’s success. It indicates how much profit a company makes in relation to the amount of money it invests. ROI is used by investors and management teams alike to evaluate how well

Financial markets
Financial markets-Meaning, Types, and Functions

Table of Contents What are financial markets? A financial market is a marketplace where financial securities are sell and purchase. In other words, the marketplace where buyers and sellers trade securities such as bonds, derivatives, foreign stock, exchange of currencies,

treasury bills
Treasury Bills – Definition, Pros, and Cons

Issuing debt securities for investors to buy is one of the most efficient tools the government has at its disposal when it wants to generate money. Both government bonds and treasury bills fall under this category. This article will help

What is a debt instrument?
What is a debt instrument?

Table of Contents Debt instrument meaning A debt instrument is a tool used by a government, business, and individual entity to raise capital for long-term growth, investment, and future planning. It is a fixed-income asset that allows lenders to earn

secondary market
Secondary Market – Definition, Types, Import...

A business can raise capital on the capital market by issuing shares, bonds, debentures, and other financial instruments. While the secondary markets deal with already-issued equities, primary market is where these securities are first produced. You will learn more about secondary

Differences between Cost and price
Difference between Cost and Price

Cost and price have a distinct meanings in terms of accounting. Both terms are used in the context of sales, but most people get confused with these terms. Technically, Cost refers to the expense incurred for making a product and services

Depletion – Definition, Types, And Uses

Oil, natural gas, coal, and other types of natural resources are among those that are drilled for or harvested from mineral-rich soil. Until all resources are removed from the ground, it is impossible to estimate their whole value. Therefore, the