debit and credit note
Understanding Debit And Credit Notes- 2024

Generally, a debit note is issued by the purchaser of goods and services in case of returning goods/services to the seller.

tax deduction
Standard Tax Deduction for Tax Year 2024

Tax deduction is the most common financial planning concern among individuals and business owners. Deductions are helpful because they reduce

Support Local Payment Methods in Invoices
Support Local Payment Methods in Invoices

In the business world making or building strong connections with customers is super important. One smart way to do this

40 Financial KPIs to Measure Business Performance and Success
40 Financial KPIs to Measure Business Performance

Measure what matters! Discover 40 key financial KPIs to track your business performance and drive success.

Best Financial Planning Software Tools for 2024

As we enter 2024, more people and businesses are looking for smart tools to manage their finances better. Some best financial planning

The importance of invoice and receipt for business
The Importance of Invoice and Receipt for Business

In the dynamic world of business transactions, understanding the roles of invoices and receipts is crucial for effective financial management.

8 best invoicing softwares for freelancer
The 8 Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers

Invoicing software is an important tool for freelancers, offering a range of benefits that streamline financial management and enhance overall

Inventory management
Tips for Managing Inventory with Accounting Software

Accounting software can be a useful tool for businesses looking to manage their inventory more efficiently. Smart inventory management is

product line
Product Line: Definition, Functionality, and Benefits

Product line is the backbone of any successful business, which offers a diverse range of products to meet the different

Value Investing
Value Investing: Finding Undervalued Stocks

Have you ever heard of Warren Buffett? Warren Buffett is a well-known and successful value investor. He is often considered

Available-for-sale securities
Available-for-Sale Securities

Investing in the debt or equity market can be a tricky business. With so many options available, it can be

Trading securities
Understanding Trading Securities

Trading securities is a way to invest in financial markets by buying and selling various types of securities, such as

Held-to-maturity securities
Held-to-Maturity Securities

As John sat in his office staring at the latest market reports, he couldn’t help but think about all of

absolute return
What is Absolute Return? How to Calculate it?

Are you tired of losing money on your investments despite following the latest market trends and expert advice? If so,

Annual return
Annual Return – Everything You Need to Know

When jane reviewed her investment portfolio, she felt a sense of excitement. She had made some smart choices over the

other comprehensive income
Other Comprehensive Income (OCI)

Are you familiar with the concept of other comprehensive income? If not, you’re not alone. While many people focus on

appropriated retained earning
Appropriated Retained Earnings

Are you wondering what appropriate retained earnings are and what are its benefits? Appropriate retained earnings are a crucial component

fully vested
Fully Vested: Achieving Maximum Rewards

Imagine reaching retirement age and finding out that you are only entitled to a fraction of your retirement benefits because

shareholder resolution
Shareholder Resolution: Definition, Types, Eligibility

Imagine you are the CEO of a large corporation, and you have just received a surprise visit from a group

shareholders' fund
What is Shareholders’ Fund and How to Calculate i...

Whether you’re an investor looking to make informed decisions about your portfolio or a business owner looking to maximize the

minority interest
Minority Interest In Accounting

Minority interest is a financial concept that refers to the ownership of a company’s stock by shareholders who do not