Cookie Policy

This document specifically addresses the technologies employed by Invyce to anonymously tag its users and visitors for marketing, analytics, user experience, performance and the normal functioning of the website.

Following is a detailed explanation of the tracking policy, referred here as cookie policy for

What are Cookies?

Cookie is a tiny piece of data usually less than 4 KB that is placed by a website to determine the identity of the user for the next session.

Cookies are unique user ids that are used to remember certain settings that are specific to a user should that user log on to that website again.

Using the unique identifier stored in the cookie, websites render data specific to that user, for example, items in a shopping cart, search terms or a specific setting for a filter.

Cookies are also used for analytics, marketing and log in authentication.

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are cookies set by the website that you visit.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are cookies set by third party service providers for example a chatbot, a plugin etc.

Session Cookies

These cookies expire once the session is over.

Cookie Policy

This cookie policy for Invyce outlines all the cookies used by, their purpose and users’ right to consent to these cookies.

Cookies Consent

By logging on to our website at users agree to our cookies policy in full.

Moreover, in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have also implemented proper cookie consent for our users from EU countries.

Once a user from the EU region logs on to our website for the first time, a cookie consent banner will appear at the bottom of the screen. Users can either opt-in or opt-out after reading our detailed cookie policy.

No cookies will be set for users from the EU region who opt-out of our cookie policy.

Cookies Used

Once a user logs on to our website for the first time or a user from the EU region consents to our cookies. The following cookies will be set on the user’s browser.

Google Tag Manager

Represented as _glc_au on a user’s browser, Google Tag Manager cookie is used for implementing all analytics related code on our website. This cookie uses a unique identifier for the user for collecting analytics related information. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy for more information.

Google Analytics

Identified as _gid on a user’s browser, Google Analytics cookie is mainly used for collecting analytics data. This cookie can also be used for building audiences for remarketing campaigns. For further information please refer to the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel

Identified as _fbp on a user’s browser, Facebook Pixel is used for building custom audiences and implementing remarketing campaigns on Facebook Ads. For more information please refer to Facebook’s privacy policy.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

Please refer to the LinkedIn cookie table to identify all the cookies used by LinkedIn for marketing purposes. We use LinkedIn Insight Tag for remarketing campaigns and collecting analytics data.


This cookie can be identified as amplitude_id_[unique identifier] on a user’s browser. This cookie collects specific information about user’s actions on our website. For more information please refer to Amplitude’s privacy policy.

Session Cookies

Apart from first party and some third party cookies, we also use session cookies that help us run our website as intended. Session cookies are essential for a stable functioning of the website.

User Rights

Users have the right to to remove some or all of these cookies any time they want by referring to their respective browser settings.

Moreover, with GDPR compliance, users from the EU region have the right to opt-out of these cookies as well. In this case, no cookies will be set for users from the EU region who opt-out of our cookie policy.

Data Sharing

At we Invyce we seriously consider our users’ privacy. We do not have any policy of sharing our users’ personal data with any third parties.

The data that we collect using third party services is only used for analytics, user experience and marketing purposes of Invyce.


Invyce has no control over how third party services like Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. collect and process users’ data. For more information please refer to the privacy policies of these services respectively.

By logging on to our website users consent to our cookie policy that contains detailed information about cookies set by these services.

In case of users from the EU region, users need to manually opt-in for these cookies.

Updates to Cookie Policy

Invyce exercises the right to update this policy anytime in the future. This document will list all the cookies utilized by Invcye. Users will be duly notified about any changes to this document.