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Nowadays, the use of technology is necessary for every business that exists because technology helps organizations in their business processes, such as increasing their service, sales, and efficiency. The use of technology has enormous value in the business process, and without its usage, the business process will be a relatively shocking dream for the business owners.

Technology has a significant effect on business operations. No matter what the size of your enterprise. Technology has tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your shareholders demand.

Technology has become a significant portion of business processes. Organizations use information technology for various reasons, and it helps organizations function more efficiently so they can improve. In addition, Information technology helps in many ways, such as developing automated processes, saves time that can be utilized to focus on other tasks and speed up business processes significantly. Here in this article, you will find the answer to how information technology improves the business processes.

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What is meant by Information Technology?

Information technology means applying technology to solve organizational or business problems on a broad scale. Information technology refers to developing, maintaining, and using a computer, software, system, and network  that also includes its usage for the distribution and processing of data.

Business process

A business process  is a collection of activities and tasks performed by people or a system in a structured course, producing an outcome that contributes to the business goal.

 A business process can be defined as an activity or a set of exercises to fulfill a specific organizational goal.

Role of Information Technology in Business Process

Information technology has a crucial role in the business world. IT has helped organizations, managers, and workers examine a particular problem, identify  complexities, and generate new products and services in more effective manner.

Information technology can help in the following: 


Communication is crucial in maintaining a relationship between customers, employees, and suppliers in the business world. Thus, IT can simplify communication through Email, video chat, or social networking sites.

Management Information System

Managing Information data is very important for an organization and is a valuable resource for business development. 

The data is part of a strategic plan for achieving the mission and purposes. For example, a company should use the management information system to enable the company to track sales data productivity, expenditure  information to track profit from time to time, maximizing return on investment and improvement of recognized areas. All these functions of MIS can be effectively achieved if it is integrated with information technology.

Storing and Protecting Information

Information technology helps protect and store essential data or documents of a company by providing reliable and safe space. For example, storage systems such as vaults can help keep secure information by allowing certain users within your company to access, withdraw, and add or change documents.

Automation of Business Processes

Information technology can help develop automated processes for businesses by reducing the cost of operation, saving time, and focusing on other tasks. Thus, it helps speed up the business process significantly.

This process can easily be automated, like tracking metrics, billing, collecting customer data, monitoring certain functions, etc.

Working Remotely

Your company network implementation of information technology provides the ability to remotely access. As a result,  It helps in increasing productivity even if they are not physically present at the workplace.

Providing Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction and customer experiences are essential features for all businesses. Customer satisfaction is key to a healthy and prosperous business, so customer satisfaction is an essential pillar for sustainability for any business.

Information technology provides the best real-time tool for communicating with customers and solving problems. It has unlocked facilities such as social media, Email, and other messaging platforms for this purpose.

A happy customer base is vital for the growth of the business. Various cloud-based communication channels have made customer experiences more improved.

Business Record

Business record safety is always challenging for any business organization because companies don’t have enough space to keep documents and files safe, older than five years. Information technology solves this issue. Now we can keep our records saved on computers, iPods, and tablets for our whole life.

Pros and Cons of Technology in Business

The following are the pros and cons of technology in business.


Communication is improved
It Always incur cost to use technology based tools
Collaboration opportunities are increases
There can be lack of human productivity
Increased ways for hiring experts using technology
It can create an atmosphere of dependency
Increases the mobility of the businesses
Security concerns become enhance
There is an increased level of efficiency
Team can become an individual island


Many businesses use information technology to make business more successful because of  speed gain and sharing of information using a particular technology can improve performance and productivity.

Information technology has very important in today’s world. Because it helps in simplifying daily work. Therefore most businesses use information technology to improve business performance.

Information technology is helpful for both company and employees in saving time and money and speeding up a business process.

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