Open System Accounting software is a significant, award-winning accounting and business management system for Windows UNIX, Linux, and Mac users. It is flexible and easy to customize for different business requirements. There are several OSAS available for free and premium. 

Open system accounting and distribution applications are easy to learn and use. It meets the needs and expectations of different businesses. 

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What is Open System Accounting Software?

Open System Accounting Software is a business accounting software package for small to medium-sized businesses. As different businesses use different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, OSAS supports all these operating systems.

Open System Accounting Software is a business accounting software that gives you the scalability your business needs, and the flexibility to run your business. It is good for many businesses, but may not be appropriate for businesses that are looking for something more user-friendly. For economy and convenience, it is probably a good idea to stick to Quickbooks if you are a small business.


Open system accounting is unique software because its source code is provided for free. Some competing accounting software charges extra for access to the source code. OSAS does not require a special run-time version that needs to be compiled.

It can be summed up that open system accounting software is the right business software for many types of small to medium-sized. The one who is looking for economies of expense, flexibility in being able to have source code modified relatively conveniently, richness in features along with the availability of tried and true third-party add-on.

Features of Open System Accounting Software

The following are some of the common features of OSAS:

  • Robust functionality

An open system has 30 years of experience providing award-winning business solutions and incorporating feedback from real-world users to further enhance the software.

  • Platform portability

In addition, OSAS can be deployed in a client or server distributed environment for additional platform flexibility and scalability.

  • Strong support and availability

Several hundred authorized value-added resellers sell, support, and customize open-system products. Many vertical applications are available from OSAS developers, including RCG.

  • Interface flexibility

Some users prefer a character-based screen; others want to use a graphical screen. OSAS allows you to match and mix screens in the same accounting system.

Why are Open Source Accounting Systems important?

As competition increases in the business environment, managers must search for new ways to operate more efficiently. OSAS has matured and gained widespread acceptance in the technical infrastructure domain. OSAS can be downloaded free of charge and open have the same functionality as expensive exclusive systems allowing clients to migrate to OSAS at a low total cost of ownership.

Open systems, such as Linux, have attested to be extremely stable in part because the open-source development model promotes the rapid correction of problems. While OSAS accounting software packages are not as widely deployed and their track record is limited.

Application of open system accounting software.

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Inventory
  • Purchase order
  • Sale order
  • Accounts payable

Open System Accounting System, the Accounts payable application helps you to track your obligations to suppliers and to control your cash flow. It is also your key to paying bills, printing checks, and monitoring the distribution of your expenses.

  • Accounts receivable

A successful company needs to effectively manage its cash flow and customer information. OSAS Accounts Receivable application helps you handle these tasks by tracking every aspect of your receivables in a timely manner.

  • Purchase Order

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the services and goods your company receives. Purchase order application gives you the power to take complete control of purchase order processing, from the moment you decide to buy through the time the purchase is fully invoiced and received.

  • General Ledger

OSAS General Ledger Application is the center of your accounting system. Entries from other applications flow into the general ledger, giving you timely financial information that is vital to your decision-making.

  • Bank reconciliation

A bank reconciliation application helps you do just that by reorganizing and improving the reconciliation of bank statements with general ledger bank accounts. Bank reconciliation makes important updates to OSAS General Ledger and receives timely entries from the other application. 

  • Inventory

The application of OSAS inventory gives you the timely and accurate information you need to make sound purchasing and sale decisions. You can track every aspect of your inventory, helping you make a positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Sale Order

The success of your business depends on keeping your customer happy. You need to directly fill their orders and answer their questions. You need to be able to handle picking, shipping, packing, and tracking.

List of Open Source Accounting Software

  • Apache OFBiz
  • IDempiere
  • Skrooge
  • LedgerSMB
  • Odoo
  • KMyMoney


Open system accounting software is a business accounting software that gives you the expandability your business needs, and the flexibility to run your business and accounting software or any of the operating systems. This technique is important to a business run.

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